Who we are

our vision is to get your struglling business of the ground i know how hard it is to scale your business after it reaches the breakeven point so you can not scale any further and your sales starts to decline  & Actually not only that if you are just starting your business it will be daam hard to get your first couple sales and start to be relevant to your audience 

I really know all of that well and i know how it feels , so me and my team is here for you , for your help to boost your business to the top level at Advanced Media you meet the experience + creativeity 

We helped a lot of businesses to grow with a tremindos sterategies , we worked with all kind of businessess from the big ones to small people just start their journey , so be sure that you are in the right place and let us start now


Leadership Team

Ahmed Abdrabo


Amr Zahran

Graphic Designer

Ahmed Elzayat

Marketing Strategist